We have designed our services under the highest standards of care, precision and safety.

When you choose GlamCarCompany, you choose a partner who is committed to the safe and secure transportation of your vehicle. Experience your own level of confidence in vehicle transportation.

High security

Keep an eye on your vehicle at all times: With our tracking option, you know where your vehicle is in real time, anytime, anywhere. An optional service for your safety and confidence.

Great flexibility

We are ready to operate 24/7 throughout Europe, as our total train of less than 7.5 tons is not subject to the Sunday and holiday driving ban.

Gentle loading

Deep vehicles present special challenges. Our specialized trailers with minimal ramp angle are the perfect solution for smooth transportation.

Your vehicle is in safe hands!

At GlamCarCompany we offer a comprehensive package of customized services for the safe transportation of your specialty, sports and luxury vehicles in enclosed trailers.

Our priority is the safety and careful handling of your vehicles. This commitment makes us a reliable partner for the transport of special vehicles.

Closed vehicle transport

Our core service focus is the safe transportation of your vehicles in enclosed trailers. This approach protects them from the elements and maintains their confidentiality throughout the journey.

Customized solutions

Because every vehicle is unique, we work closely with you to develop personalized transportation solutions that meet the specific needs of your vehicles. Whether vintage classics, high-performance sports cars or state-of-the-art prototypes – our expertise ensures safe and customized transport.

Accelerated delivery

When time is of the essence, our express transportation services offer a fast yet safe way to meet your tight schedules without compromise. We stand for safety and professionalism. Ask us about it!

Professional handling

Our experienced team of professionals specializes in the careful handling of luxury, sports and premium vehicles. We treat your vehicles with the precision and care they deserve to ensure their protection during transportation. Please use our inquiry form for a first inquiry or call us!

Bestellen Sie einen geschlossenen Anhängertransport für Ihr hochwertiges oder aussergewöhnliches Fahrzeug

Vertrauen Sie darauf, dass wir sicherstellen, dass es in demselben makellosen Zustand an seinem Bestimmungsort ankommt, in dem es es verlassen hat.


Inquiry form

Inquiry form

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Sie erklären sich mit absenden der Anfrage einverstanden, dass Ihre Daten zur Bearbeitung Ihres Anliegens verwendet werden dürfen. Weitere Informationen und Widerrufshinweise finden Sie in der Datenschutzerklärung.
  • Procedure
    • Submit request via our form on this page
    • You will receive a free non-binding offer
    • You check and confirm the offer to us
    • You will receive an order confirmation with appointment
    • The driver arrives at the agreed place and, if necessary, takes over the vehicle after briefing
    • The driver brings the vehicle safely to the destination
    • You will receive an invoice
  • Car check
    • Verification of the vehicle data with the vehicle documents
    • Vehicle accessories
    • Number of keys
    • Technical condition of the vehicle
    • Visual inspection for damage and documentation/photo of this
  • Car condition
    • The passenger car must be roadworthy, i.e. general road safety must be guaranteed. It must have TÜV.
    • The car must have the prescribed safety equipment and must be in proper condition (first-aid kit, warning triangle, warning vest, if necessary illuminants etc.).
    • The operating functions as well as warning lights, windows, mirrors, lighting system, tire tread depth, electrical system, etc. must be guaranteed without fault.
    • If the driver drives through certain environmental zones, the corresponding fine dust stickers must be attached.
    • The car should be registered. We can move the car alternatively with our red license plates, but also for this it must have TÜV.
    • If one or more points do not apply, talk to us and we will find a solution.